KILLA: Cam’ron Has Been The King Of Candid Convos For Nearly 20 Years


has been in the news more lately than he has been in the past 13 years.

The Harlemite is currently reunited and on tour with Dipset, his 90’s beef with has resurfaced again, and after announcing his break up with , he’s not on the ladies good side these days. People are even saying that son resembles Killa Cam more than he does Jim. Hmmmm.

But things change over time and luckily Cam’ron isn’t the Cam we knew 13 years ago when he dropped his third project Purple Haze.


Back then, the Dipset King was a different type dude who said exactly how he felt when he was feeling it.


Hit the flip to see some Cam’s most honest and straightforward moments from that time.