Gqom legend DJ Lag releases new EP on Good Enuff, 'Uhuru'

Gqom pioneer DJ Lag has released a new six-track 'Uhuru' EP on Diplo's recently revived Good Enuff imprint.

It also features collaborations with South African artists Moonchild Sanelly and Durban Gqom outfit Unticipated Soundz.

The EP was born out an encounter between the South African and Diplo in Los Angeles, who ended up playing a back to back set

“With this EP, I want to bring the world’s attention to where it all started. We called this style Gqom “uThayela”, which means “corrugated iron” to describe a rougher sound with a harder bassline that it is made for clubs," explains the artist. "For me, it all started in UHURU, a small club in my township Clermont. I played my first gig there, which was probably one the first times that Gqom was heard by the public.”

You can grab the project here.

Gqom legend DJ Lag releases new EP on Good Enuff, 'Uhuru'

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