Jesse Malin Delivers Health Update After Spinal Stroke

Jesse Malin Delivers Health Update After Spinal Stroke

Photo Credit: Katrina Del Mar

Earlier this month, Jesse Malin experienced a rare spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. The musician followed up this morning, Thursday, June 29, by sharing an update on his condition. In a video message, he told fans and followers, “I’m still here in the hospital, but I’m in a good state of mind and fighting hard.” He also shared how folks can donate and financially support his healing journey. 

Paired with the video message was a short update on Malin’s current status. It read: “Hey everyone, I just wanted to send out this message with huge gratitude and huge love for everything, all of the support in every single way. I shot this video from my hospital room here, I’m in New York. Even though it’s been 8 weeks, I’m working really hard, physically and spiritually, doing my best. I miss everybody, and I miss being outside, but I will get there. Thanks for all the prayers, and well wishes, all the messages. Every single one means the world to me.” 

After concluding his written statement, Malin added information about his Sweet Relief fund, which will garner financial support to combat the weighing costs of his extended hospital stay and neurological care. “Jesse is going through so much physically and emotionally. His insurance is good but it will not cover many of his expenses beyond acute care. Your donation can help relieve him of the added pressures associated with the enormous expense of his immediate and long-term care,” the musician’s support page presented. 

Malin’s unwavering optimism, often referred to as his “positive mental attitude” or P.M.A. has been a defining characteristic throughout his career. However, he acknowledged that summoning that positivity has been challenging in the face of his recent medical emergency. Still, he remains determined to embrace the recovery process and reclaim his mobility. With that perspective, the artist has also listed a special Jesse Malin P.M.A. shirt as an added way to gain financial support.

Benefit T-shirts can be purchased here. To make a tax-deductible donation or read more about Malin’s current status, visit

Scroll down to watch the artist’s video message. 

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