This Viral Photo Of A Resilient Raleigh Couple Is The Epitome Of Black Love

Nearly half all married couples in the United States divorce in this day and age, so when Amber Robinson provided her followers with a visual reminder that true love still exists, it was duly needed.

Amber’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brewington, have been together for 47 years, fought two bouts cancer together, and appear more in love than any couple we’ve ever seen.

Amber captioned the photo her mom and dad in part, “If you are one the millions in love, or maybe one the millions broken-hearted that need a visual reminder that love always endures, I would love for you to share this as a way letting my mom and dad know, they are an inspiration to anyone who wants, believes, or is in love.”

Check out the sweet photo, that has since gone viral, just above and your thoughts.