The Weeknd Fans Thinks He Is Dropping a New Project Soon

The Weeknd blessed fans with new music after dropping f his My Dear Melancholy EP at the end March, and it looks like they're already speculating on getting more new music soon. The Toronto singer may be working on a series EPs to follow in the footsteps  MDM, and fans believe that they have cracked the code.

Yesterday (April 22), The Weeknd changed his Instagram bio to read "we're alone together," which he also captioned on a photo his 2018 Coachella Music Festival performance. Fans strongly believe that the phrase alludes to the title his next EP, which could potentially drop on May 29. One fan points out that MDM was subliminally announced on February 22 and later dropped on March 29. With Weeknd changing his bio to "we're alone together" on April 22, it could equate to a release date for the 29th next month to follow suit.

Fans also believe that the XO head will be releasing a third EP titled Abel in the late summer or early fall, which could wrap up the letter-themed titles in the potential series. Many think that this is the lead-up to The Weeknd's next album, which could be Trilogy II.

While none these releases are confirmed just yet, we know that The Weeknd fans will be waiting for next month to go by to see if their theory may be true.

Check out the fan theory behind The Weeknd's next project release in the posts below.