Hudson Mohawke shares full 'Who Is America' EDM parody tune

Scottish super-producer has released the full EDM "troll track" he created for an episode Sacha Baron Cohen's new Showtime series, .

In the segment, Cohen plays Ricky Sherman (aka DJ 5olitary), a bald and f-putting ex-convict who is trying to take his experience from prison and turn it into a DJ career.

DJ 5olitary manages to swindle a producer into getting him a gig at the nightclub Sway in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he plays out Hudson Mohawke's screeching production which was constructed using "prison samples." Titled 'Cell-by-date (feat. Steve, Derek, and some bloke f the nonce wing)', the track features the sounds toilets flushing, exaggerated sex noises, pissed f cell mates, the metallic smash lunch trays and people being stabbed.

DJ 5olitary has even gone as far as to launch his own . A crucial step for any aspiring DJ/producer.

You can watch the hilarious segment by going .

Listen to the track below.