Exclusive: DJ Khaled Eyes Eminem and Adele Collaborations

DJ Khaled is up to something. Fresh f his platinum-selling album Grateful, the hip-hop mogul is teaming up with Mentos. As part the #SamHasMentosGum campaign, University Wisconsin-Madison freshman Sam Jeschke has been tasked with distributing 43,000 bottles Mentos Gum to fellow students in the six days before the first day class.

If he succeeds, Sam will receive a year tuition and a DJ Khaled concert for the entire student body.

“My shows are always like New Year’s Eve, fireworks,” Khaled told Rap-Up earlier this week at his Beverly Hills mansion. “I’m coming to perform as well as get on the turntables and you never know, there might be a special guest. Be ready.”

Featuring collaborations with BeyoncĂ©, JAY-Z, and Rihanna, Grateful soared to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and became Khaled’s first platinum album. But while it remains in the top 10, he is already thinking about his next album, which is sure to be another star-studded affair.

His wish list collaborators includes André 3000, Dr. Dre, Adele, Bruno Mars, and Eminem, a collaboration he has been trying to secure for years.

“I reached out to his camp before, but I haven’t really reached out with the record,” said Khaled. “I started the conversations. So now I feel like when I get the right record, I’m going to present it to him.”

When Rap-Up suggested Eminem and Adele on the same track, Khaled was on board. “That would be crazy!” he said.

A Kendrick Lamar collaboration could also be in the works. They worked together on Major Key, and Khaled says they are “definitely” speaking about another collabo.

Another artist who didn’t make Grateful was Ed Sheeran. While the two were supposed to collaborate, the timing didn’t work out, but that could change. “Me and him are talking about collaborating in the future for sure.”

When asked about his son Asahd, who executive produced Grateful, Khaled was all smiles. “I just want to give him everything,” gushed the proud father. “It’s not about giving you materialistic things, it’s about giving you love. So I’ma give all my love to my son as well as my hard work and blessings.”

  • Exclusive: DJ Khaled Eyes Eminem and Adele Collaborations
  • Exclusive: DJ Khaled Eyes Eminem and Adele Collaborations
  • Exclusive: DJ Khaled Eyes Eminem and Adele Collaborations