Calgary's Tubby Dog Announces Tubby Fest II

Calgary's Tubby Dog Announces Tubby Fest II
Once again, Calgary's beloved Tubby Dog will bring together two the world's favourite things — music and hot dogs. With the newly announced Tubby Fest II, you will get plenty both.

The music festival comes as the Calgary hot dog joint celebrates its 13th anniversary. Helping do that will be a series bands playing the restaurant from August 2 to 5.

Among them are the likes Feel Alright, Lab Coast, Janitor Scum, Cartel Madras, Fitness, Purlicue, Bog Bodies, Pre Nup, Hairnet, Corinthian, Wish Lash, Sunglaciers, Shower, Club Rome, Horse Girl and ПРСПКТ.

More bands are also set to be announced for Tubby Fest II, as well as various afternoon DJ sets, afterparties and even a karaoke event on the Sunday night the fest.

All shows start at 9 p.m. and tickets will be available at the door ($10 before 10 p.m. and $15 after).

And remember: If you don't eat here, you're nothing.