50 Best Songs from 2017

Heading into 2017, there was a lot uncertainty as to what the new year would bring and how the next 365 days would play out. Some this apprehension can be attributed to the clean slate that a fresh calendar symbolizes, which is natural, however, the drama that stemmed from the 2016 Presidential Election and the effects it would have once the change the guard was complete was a major concern for people all walks life.

This past year may have been a tough one in terms sociopolitical matters, but the one thing that kept us sane was the constant stream new music made available to us by a wide range artists. From legendary veterans to virtual unknowns, the artists that infiltrated the airwaves in 2017 made an indelible impression on the public solely by making incredible music that became part the soundtrack to our lives, making it one the more exciting years in hip-hop and r&b this decade.

With the calendar year quickly coming to a close and as we prepare for a new one, we reflect on the past year in music and all the songs that defined it. From chart-topping smashes to sleeper hits and deep album cuts, 2017 presented us with an array music that spoke to the times we're living in, while also giving us hope for the future. Without further adieu, here are 50 the best songs from 2017 that made an impact on urban culture as a whole, as well as in our personal lives. Did your favorite make the cut?